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  • What You Need To Know

    If you're not presenting potential customers with a professionally developed website, you're hurting your business.

    Research shows that two-thirds of all sales, whether online or offline, are researched on the internet first.

    There are now over a Billion Internet Users, and that number is growing rapidly.

    With a web site, you can open up a dialogue with national and international markets as easily as with the company or client across the street.

    Retail sales online are set to grow to well over $2 billion.

    An award winning design by CMI Web Studio that presents your new and existing customers with a visual presentation that instills confidence in your company, and the products/services you offer.

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  • We Believe In Nuances... And So Should You

    We believe in nuances. You know, the small details that seem to fall through the cracks of other design companies. You'll find all of those nuances add up to make a big difference. How big? The difference between an informative, easy to navigate, highly visited online presence, and a poorly designed website that could possibly even damage your companies reputation and public image.

    Experience Matters

    Choosing a company to build your website is NOT the time for on the job training. You need people that are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced. With over 10 years in business, what you will notice most with CMI Web Studio is we understand the internet business from A to Z, taking websites from concept to internet sensation.

    100% Custom Built

    No two clients are alike, and that why we don't treat you that way. We believe in building unique, custom built, website designs and database applications. Whether it's Interactive Media, a Content Management System (CMS), ECommerce, or similar, we build them from scratch for you, and you only. That kind of attention to detail serves the client best and the unique needs of their project.

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  • Orlando Web Design

    CMI Web Studio is a design firm In Orlando Florida, providing individual, non-profit, and commercial businesses the highest quality, cutting edge websites. And we don't just stop at "it looks cool"... our on site staff are experts in (X)HTML and CSS website design that is 100% W3C compliant to even the stricest standards of code, PHP and ASP web development of even the most complex database driven MySQL and SQL Server applications, custom graphic and logo design to brand your online presence, interactive media presentations, internet marketing/SEO and more! We specialize in helping our clients maximize their return of investment with top-quality products, services, and education.

    CMI Web Studio now offers visitors a comprehensive blog of articles, tutorials, and discussions from our staff. For years we've provided expertise to those in need, and continue to interact with the online community, providing instruction, education, and open dialogues about our passion... award winning web based design, application development, and ground-breaking concepts for online business. Learn more about Orlando Web Design and Web Marketing from CMI Web Studio.

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