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CMI Web Studio is a U.S. corporation, providing individual, non-profit, and commercial businesses the highest quality, cutting edge websites for 11 years and counting. And we don't just stop at "it looks cool", our on site staff are experts in (X)HTML and CSS website design that is 100% W3C compliant to even the strictest standards of code, PHP and ASP web development of even the most complex database driven MySQL and SQL Server applications (database driven content, custom built content management systems, custom built ecommerce systems, custom programming, and more), custom graphic and logo design to brand your online presence, interactive media presentations, internet marketing/SEO and more! We specialize in helping our clients maximize their return of investment with top-quality products, services, and education.

As a website owner, or soon to be one, it's important that you not be fooled by what we call "agency hype". Sure, they may sound impressive, but what really matters is... can they actually deliver?

Before you purchase any service from a website company, I ask that you check their own company website for W3C compliant code. After all, if they can't develop their own website properly, what are the chances they will yours? Go to http://validator.w3.org/ and type in the competitors website address you're considering, and you'll be shocked at times how poor their coding practices are. Now ask yourself, is that really who you want handling your investment? When you're finished doing your research, the difference between CMI Web Studio and competitors will be clear.

You want results, and results require a group of very knowledgable and dedicated web development professionals with not only an extensive amount of experience, but also an understanding of your brand and goals. We believe that branding is not about getting your target market to choose you over the competition, but rather it’s about getting your prospects to see you as the only one that provides a solution to their problem. We believe we have that solution.

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With over 11 years in business, CMI Web Studio stands head and shoulders above the rest in industry knowledge. Our staff are experts in a multitude of design concepts and programming languages, and will close the gap between the user interface with complex database driven applications, and the visitors that ultimately make the website a success. Our award winning designs will present your new and existing customers with a visual presentation that instills confidence in your company, and the products/services you offer. CMI Web Studio has an EXTENSIVE amount of web application development experience to meet the needs of your project, and in multiple languages and platforms as well. We have worked with everyone from small startup businesses to large corporations, with an already impressive list of clients.

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