Easy PHP Mailer

EASY PHP MAILER with PEAR is simply the easiest and fastest way to send your form data, period.

Regardless of how large the form, or how many user inputs or input types your form has, EASY PHP MAILER with PEAR will have it live on the WWW sending emails in seconds, all automatically without the need of a database or coding.

The data sent by email include:
All the field names
All form field data entered by the user
Customized message before and after form data
Additional user information captured from their browser

Additional Functionality:
SMTP authentication for added protection, and often required by most mail servers
Sends BOTH text and HTML versions of the email, end users will see the version their email client allows
Option to redirect to "Thank You" page once form is submitted and email(s) are sent.

Adobe Dreamweaver MX or later
Web Server must support PHP scripts
PEAR Mail and Mail MIME components
FAQs / Support

This is a Must Have for Quick and Easy Email Forms!

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