Q: How much will a website cost?

A: It really depends on just how complex and time consuming the design is. During your iDesign Consultation™ we will discuss design and price options, and find a strategy that fits both your vision and your budget.

Q: What kind of website do I need?

A: Generally you can put websites into two categories, static and dynamic. A static website will have pages of information that never change unless redesigned. A dynamic website uses a database, so the information displayed on each page can change depending on what you or your visitors enter. This can be a tremendous benefit for people looking to maintain content themselves. During your iDesign Consultation™ we will discuss the best approach for your site.

Q: Can I sell products / services online?

A: Yes! We can assist you with several ECommerce solutions to get your online business up and running! You can accept credit cards and checks using a merchant account with direct interaction through a gateway service provider, or use a third-party merchant account service provider like PayPal, CCBill, etc., for products/services sold on your site.

Q: What about hosting my website?

A: We offer website hosting on the CMI Web Studios' Dell PowerEdge™ Dedicated Servers. They include Fully Managed Firewall Protection with 24/7 Server Monitoring, 24/7 Emergency Support, 24/7 Hardware Replacement, and Daily Data Backups. Simply put, you can't find a more professional and reliable solution for your website needs, and you will see significant speed increases and reliability compared to other solutions. You can also host your website somewhere else if needed, and we will be glad to give you the necessary specifications for your hosting needs.

Q: If I use CMI Web Studio to design my site, do I own the finished product?

A: Yes! It's important to point that there are some web design companies out there that consider their finished work "proprietary" and/or they use 3rd party solutions that require licensing considerations, unlike CMI Web Studio that creates web applications and solutions from scratch for one client only, you. Why is this an important point? In many of these cases, once you move on to a new developer, you lose your website/application and/or you are limited by the additional parties involved. We disagree with this kind of business practice and approach to design. With CMI Web Studio, you own your code, period. You're paying our company to build you a custom solution and it is yours to do what you want with it once final payment is made. That alone makes our services many more time more valueable to you.

Q: Can functionality be added to my website once it's finished?

A: Yes! We build solutions that are not part of any kind of software package that requires our company to host it, nor does it have any limitations with development of functionality, because our solutions are 100% custom built from the ground up. You can add or subtract any functionality as needed during the course of your ownership of the domain. We can also integrate solutions with your website that allow you to make easy updates to content yourelf as needed.

Q: Everything sounds great! How do I get started?

A: With CMI Web Studio, the first step is our iDesign Consultation™, where you will have a chance to talk in detail with a knowledgeable developer, and not a sales person, about your project. We will gather all the information needed, provide advice as needed, to derive at a quoted project or hourly cost. Simply fax back the design agreement to our toll free dedicated fax line, and we will begin mocking up your new masterpiece.