Traditional Marketing Doesn't Work

The single most asked question from website owners has to be "how do I get people to visit my site?". Search engines are an extremely important factor in driving visitors to your site. The great thing is, search engines are free resources. The only catch is, you have to know how to beat out your competition to get the results you're looking for. It's important to hire the right company for the job, otherwise it's wasted money and poor ranking results. Fact is, most people that use search engines don't look past the first page or two during any search. That's why you need the expert advice and know how of CMI Web Studio.

Many other companies simply add some keywords to your pages and submit your website to a few of the popular search engines... and that simply DOES NOT WORK. Did you know that Google doesn't even consider keywords in ranking websites? The process of marketing your web site online is an ongoing process that requires a strategized approach that includes many variables. Working with CMI Web Studio, we will hit on all of these key elements. Our results speak for themselves, with many #1 ranked websites, and many more top ten ranked websites. Let's take a closer look below...


Having a poorly designed website virtually guarantees poor results. But having a website with no marketing strategy is like owning a shiny new car without an engine to make it go. Traditional marketing/advertising methods don't work for online businesses! You need to take advantage of all of the online resources available to you to really get your site noticed. Some of these resources are free, some of them are paid. We can help assist you with your online marketing to ensure maximum exposure, and most importantly qualified visitors are being funneled to your website.